Q: Will my insurance cover the cost of therapy sessions?

A: I am a provider for a variety of insurance carriers. You will need to confirm my participation with your insurance company and obtain a treatment authorization number if required. My office will submit all billing claims and updated treatment plans. You are responsible for your copay at each session.

Q: Do I have to use my insurance benefits even if they cover the services?

A: No. By paying “out of pocket”, you and I have more flexibility regarding your treatment. Some insurance plans require extensive private information to determine “medical necessity for on-going treatment” and other companies will not cover couples/marital therapy without a diagnosis being assigned to the “primary patient”.

Q: What is EAP?

A: Employee Assistance Programs offer a variety of services to employees and family members experiencing personal difficulties. As an affiliate for a number of companies in the Saint Louis region I provide assessment and brief, solution-focused interventions to address a variety of issues. The number of sessions available to the employee is predetermined by the employer and often at no cost to the employee.

Q: What happens if I do not keep a scheduled appointment?

A: 24-hour notice is requested if you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment. You may contact me by phone, text message, e-mail or through Patient Ally, an on-line scheduling resource you will have access to as a patient of mine. When less than 24-hour notice is given you will be responsible for the missed appointment fee as these fees are not covered by insurance companies. The charge for a “late cancel” or “no show” is $65.00. I understand there may be times when circumstances beyond your control occur that may prevent you from coming in, such as illness, lack of transportation or a scheduling conflict. It is your responsibility to notify me as soon as possible so we may dicuss rescheduling your appointment.

Q: May I use my insurance for couple/marital therapy sessions?

A: No. Due to the nature of couple/marital therapy, neither partner is given a diagnosis, and a diagnosis must be given to bill an insurance company. Consequently couple/marital sessions are an out-of-pocket expense.